Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sounds I like to hear (Part 1)

        It wouldn't be wrong to say that my thoughts and my moods can be substantially controlled by regulating the sounds around me.Call it a weakness if you like,but I am excessively influenced by sounds, a song like 'Allah ke bande hasde' can plunge me into a whirlpool of profound thoughts much the same way  a 'Munni Badnaam hui'(just how can someone even think of such a deplorable tune,let alone the nonsense lyrics !!) can give me a splitting headache. Therefore,it is quite normal that I should like to consciously tweak my surroundings so as to occlude the irritants and ensure a healthy 'sound' environment :D
        Heres a list of sounds I like(not listed according to order of preference,just in the order in which they popped up in my head)

I love it:
  1. when a guitarist changes a chord.The buzzing sound made when those skilled fingers sail past,brushing the strings to make a smooth transition from a chord to another...enigmatic...
  2. when Anoushka Shankar announces the name and details of the raga before she starts her performance,and ofcourse her sitar playing too...pure magic
  3. when Pt. ShivKumar Sharma plays Raag Bahar on his santoor.
  4. when the Recorded Female Voice heralds the end of my hour long local train journey "Pudhil station...Dombivli...Agla Station...Dombivli...Next Station...Dombivli" :D
  5. when Kavita Krishnamurthy sings "Pyaar hua chupke se" (or for that matter any song she sings)
  6. when Jim Morrison sings "Carry me caravan,take me away..."(Spanish Caravan) or "C'mon baby,light my fire" as Ray Manzarek scales rythmic heights on his keyboard with those unique chord progressions of his...
  7. when Ustad Amjad Ali Khan plays his hallowed Sarod...pure magic again...
  8. when my playlist has a dozen Pink Floyd songs lined up...
  9. when AR Rahman croons "Ek sooraj nikla tha,kuch paara pighla tha" or "Vande Mataram" in his uniquely pleasant voice...
  10. when I listen to Michael Jackson sing "I'm starting with the man in the mirror.I'm asking him to make a change..." evoking a poignant sense of humility and an urge to be a better human-being... Also when I listen to 'This is it'(from MJ's final album) which makes me realise that life is indeed short...try and grab the moments of joy and enjoyment that life throws at you.
  11. when I listen to the 'Swat Kats' or 'Pokemon' or 'GI Joe' theme songs...that heady nostalgic feeling...
  12. when my guitar teacher tries his hands on the latest film song and pulls it off with unbelievable panache in the very first go...
  13. when Shreya Ghoshal sings any song in that oh-so-sweet voice...
  14. when 'Miley Sur mera tumhara' or 'Baje sargam har taraf se,goonje bankar desh raag' is aired on Doordarshan...
  15. when three Eric Clapton songs "Wonderful tonight" and "Layla" and "Change the world" feature one after the other on VH1. 
  16. The crunching sound that my friendly neighborhood Chatwala makes when he breaks the 'puri's to be filled and then dunked into the 'pani'...
  17. when the default tone plays as Windows starts on my computer...
  18. when a typical crackling sound is audible as I walk past a transformer with my ears open.
  19. when the sound of my 'Scoped Mosin Nagant' Sniper Rifle rents the air of the 'Call of Duty' virtual world as I fire(or atleast try to fire ;) ) a headshot.
  20. when my cellphone rings out loud with the 'Summer of 69' ringtone.
  21. when Amy Lee(Evanescence) sings 'Hello'...
This list is definitely incomplete...I shall be adding more items... :)


  1. When nas sings "one mic, one girl, one god..."

  2. When eminem says " was you!Damn!" (Reference Eminem Stan... ;))

  3. when chester says "now in the end...there'll be a place for my head!!!" (LP-a place for my head)

  4. pls listen to these songs if you haven't

  5. AMY LEE! FTW! 'Hello' has inspired one of my best stories if I would say so myself.

    Great list! :)


  6. .. and if I may add to that list -

    - When Eddie Vedder goes 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah' in Alive \m/

    - When Bob Marley goes Dont Worry Be Happy

    - When Hendrix plays that oh-my-god-this-is-my-niravan beginning riff on Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

    - The sound of thunder and then the flute when it starts to play 'Love is in the rain' (RHTDM Theme)

    ... and the best sound of em' all

    - The sound of my Nikon shutter click.

    :) :)

  7. @Pratul: I don't usually listen to Eminem...that LP song is good though ! :) thanks for the additions... :)

    @Ice Maiden: I completely agree... 'Dont Worry' has such a simple childlike beauty to it...yet its so meaningful... and 'Voodoo Child' puts me too into a trance like state...RHTDM theme is cool too :) Thanks for adding to the list :)